Auburn Car Auction Hopes to Raise Money for Honor Flight


Published 08/13 2014 09:11PM

Updated 08/14 2014 09:05AM

“I guess I just loved cars all my life every since I was a kid.”

Jerry Rathburn is extremely excited for this year’s collector car auction in Auburn. Rathburn looks forward to seeing old specialty cars.

“It’s great for people, especially local people that can come see million dollar cars, things that ring a bell with when we were kids,” said Rathburn.

Ian Webb, Marketing Manager for Auctions America, said cars this year are coming from all across the country.

“We’ll have cars coming in from Florida, California, and Pennsylvania. They come in from all over because this is such a great place to sell your car,” said Webb.

Megan Boyd, Car Specialist Auctions America, said there will be 1,200 cars total and 80 to 100 thousand people at the auction throughout the weekend. Boyd said people come to the auction because everyone has a connection with these old cars.

“It’s fun to come to the auction and just see the cars and bring back all those memories,” said Boyd.

The Auburn Collector Car Auction begins in a few weeks, and this year is special. Rathburn and Tool Manufacturing is donating a car to auction off to raise money for an Honor Flight.

Rich Allen, President of Rathburn and Tool Manufacturing, said that the whole goal of the company is to give back and they want to raise enough money for the first flight for next year.

“Our number one goal is to cover one flight which is $55,500 and that would get 70 veterans on the plane,” said Allen.

Allen said they are auctioning off a 1964 Impala which he’s hoping will cover one flight and maybe a second.

“It’s about giving back to our communities and especially our veterans. They are the ones that gave us our freedom, especially the World War II veterans,” said Allen.


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