Arrest Made in Decades Old Murder Case


Published 08/02 2014 10:24PM

Updated 08/04 2014 08:56AM

As you can imagine Oakwood, Ohio is a small town of 600 people, so a murder that happened 33 years ago, is still something neighbors remember clearly.

"Very scary, very very...I couldn't stay at home for at least six weeks, or six months. It was at least six months before I could stay at home."

On November 17, 1981,  29 year old Alma Noffsinger was found beaten to death at her home on North Fifth Street. Alma's neighbor and friend Mary Kay Karnes was just thirty at the time, and the one that found her body.  "I think about her all the time. Her and I were very good friends, and I think about her all the time."

Alma's Ex-husband Steven G. Noffsinger has been charged with Aggravated Murder, and Kay says she's not surprised.
"To me there's no surprise...."  "So you thought he might be guilty from the get go?"  "Yes."

Kay no longer lives in Alma's old neighborhood... Barbara Bradford and her husband are the only remaining neighbor's, and she says they remember Alma's door being open on that day thirty three years ago.  "I don't know why it caught my attention when I was going by, and the door was ajar. Because there wasn't a screen door on it then, it was just like a steel door. and ya know what goes through your mind then, they're letting the heat out."

Barbara says 33 years later, she's glad they made an arrest.  "At the time I was nervous right after it happened, but eventually it all kind of died down, and then it was never solved. But yah, it surprised me after all these years that they solved it."

Kay's happy about the arrest, but just wishes it had been made sooner.  "Yes, I just don't understand how it didn't happen thirty three years ago."

WFFT will continue following this story as the charges go to trial. 

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