Aqua Indiana & City of Fort Wayne Reach Final Agreement

Published 05/07 2014 01:33PM

Updated 05/07 2014 01:45PM

After years of debate and dispute, Aqua Indiana and the City of Fort Wayne have reached a final agreement on the purchase of Aqua's water utility in Southwest Fort Wayne.  

Fort Wayne Utilities will begin serving all of Allen County in three phases beginning in October or November.,

WFFT's Tara Petitt has reaction from the City, Aqua Indiana, and Southwest residents.

A final decision was made at Tuesday's City Council meeting and the board voted unanimously on the Fort Wayne Utility Administration's purchase of Aqua Indiana's water utility in Southwest Fort Wayne.

Kumar Menon, Head of the Fort Wayne City Utilities Administration, says customers won't see an increase on water prices.

"We actually anticipate seeing the rates lowered.  The fact that we already have our system in place, we don't have additional overheads.  Incremental cost is not significant and the incremental revenue that comes from these 12,500 plus customers is more than enough to offset the cost of acquisition."

Tom Bruns, President of Aqua Indiana, says he's very pleased to reach an agreement.

"We'll still be in the waste water business and Fort Wayne will become our largest waste water customer after the transition occurs."

The transition is expected to take place in October or November and Aqua's 37,000 customers statewide will decrease to about 25,000 customers.

"While it's difficult to lose that number of customers, we believe that the agreement with the City of Fort Wayne to treat some of their waste is an offset to the loss of those customers."

Adie Baach has been a resident of Southwest Allen County for more than 20 years, and could not be happier about the transition.  She just hopes there are no more delays.

"Every month that they hesitate is money out of our pockets.  It's very expensive.  I mean, we tell people what our water bills are, and it's incredible.  It really is, so we look forward to better quality and much better prices."

"This change here, is turning a problem from the past into a very bright future."

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