Another Victim Comes Forward


Published 05/08 2014 09:19PM

Updated 05/09 2014 08:19AM

Another victim has come forward who says that he was also molested by a former Paulding Middle School teacher over thirty years ago.

We've been following the story since last week when Paulding resident Barry Vance says the teacher raped him as a teenager.

The teacher, Don Schnepp, committed suicide in 2004, and middle school teachers set up a memorial rock in his honor.

Vance asked the school board to remove the rock last week.

Today, Defiance resident Dave Kinkade says Schnepp molested him in 1981.

He says Schnepp would invite groups of boys over to his house for football games, movies and pizza, before getting them alone and attacking them.

He also says Schnepp would threaten them if they ever spoke out.

"And then you know the crowd always thins out, and over time, as he builds up the trust, he kind of makes a move, and you know, you've been molested. And as a teenage kid, you just sit here and wonder, did that really happen, who do I tell, and if you do tell, you know the names are going to start at school, teenage kids, they aren't nice. You would tell him you wanted to tell someone, and he'd say well, that's up to you, but you want to graduate, don't you? Another time, you're going to tell, and he'd say, go ahead, everyone will think you're gay... He puts that feat in you, and all he does is take advantage of you... That rock should have never gone down,” Kinkade says.

Kinkade says he told a teacher’s aide once, who approached Schnepp about the accusations.

Kinkade tells WFFT that Schnepp told teacher's aide that Kincade came from a broken home, had a big imagination, shouldn't be believed, and nothing was ever investigated back then.

We reached out to Paulding Exempt Village Schools Superintendent William Hanak for his reaction, to this latest allegation.

He says no one has come forward to him yet.

"Well, I've been thinking about that all this time for what's best for the school and what's best for the kids that are currently here and the teachers and the community. And like I said, there's people on both sides of this, don't understand why people wait so long, and why now, and all these kinds of questions which I can't answer... Like I said before, it's under investigation, and I'm working on coming up with a resolution,” Hanak says.

Kinkade says he also wants other victims to come forward, and also to call Superintendent Hanak to say they want the rock removed.

Barry Vance's sister has an online petition running to remove the rock.

As of right now, nearly three hundred fifty people have signed it.

We will continue to bring you updates on this story as more people come forward.

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