An Update- Should the Rock Stay or Go?


Published 04/30 2014 06:38PM

Updated 05/01 2014 08:28AM

An update to a story we brought you last night.

Paulding resident Barry Vance spoke to the Paulding School Board Tuesday night about removing a memorial honoring a deceased teacher at the middle school.

Vance alleges the teacher, Don Schnepp, raped him inside the school over thirty years ago.

WFFT spoke with the Paulding schools superintendent to find out if that memorial stays or goes.

"Imagine what it was like for those thirty-two years to hide. Imagine what my family has been through,” says Vance.

For the first time, Vance spoke publicly about an alleged rape that occurred three decades ago.

He explained the attack in detail to board members at Tuesday's school board meeting what he says middle school history teacher Don Schnepp did to him.

"Everybody, for the person, is sorry that anything like that would have happened to a kid, you know, a fourteen-year-old boy... I don't think anybody listening to that wouldn't make you sick,” says Superintendent William Hanak.

Schnepp died back in 2004.

Vance says he wrote Schnepp a letter explaining how the alleged attack messed up his life.

A week later- Schnepp was found dead in his home.

So we obtained a copy of the coroner's report from back in 2004.

The manner of death listed is suicide.

Middle school teachers placed a rock memorial in front of the school in Schnepp's honor.

At the meeting- Vance asked school board members to remove that rock.

"Absolutely. It will be an ongoing discussion because it's not as easy as just removing that- I mean, it is as easy as removing it- it's just, you know, you have to make sure you do this stuff in a sensitive way, both sides,” Hanak says.

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Some think the memorial should be removed-

Others, while sympathetic, think it should stay in place.

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