Allergy Season to be Worse Than Normal


Published 04/07 2014 01:40PM

Updated 04/07 2014 01:51PM

If you or a loved one has problems with allergies, you're going to want to see this.  Due to our harsh winter, experts are saying that allergy season is going to be even worse than normal.

WFFT's Brooke Welch spoke with an Allergist about what you can do to minimize your symptoms.

Watery eyes, a runny nose, maybe even difficulty breathing are all signs that pollen levels are on the rise.

"First time was in the springtime, I woke up one morning, was completely stuffy, my nose swelled up and I couldn't barely breath."

Nazif Selimovic started having allergy symptoms 9 years ago and say they affect all areas of his life.

"A lot of time I sound sick.  A lot of times I have issues hearing because it plugs up my hearing so it does affect my everyday life."

Dr. Jim Parkerson with the Allergy and Asthma Center, says that because it's been so cold, trees are going to bloom later than normal, which means pollen counts will be higher, and allergies will be worse.

"We're going to have a compressed growing season so things are going to come out closer together than they have in the past so that's going to make for a more intense allergy season."

What can people suffering from allergies expect?

"The way I think it will work out, is if you typically have mild symptoms, it's going to be a little worse than it normally is.  If you typically have more severe symptoms, you're going to really notice it is pollen season this year."

So what can you do when pollen levels start to rise?

1.) Take your allergy medicine if you have a prescription.
2.) Don't go outside if you can help it.
3.) If you have to be outside, immediately shower and change clothes when you come back in.
4.) Keep your windows shut and use air conditioning.

For Nazif, he's meeting with his Allergist to come up with an allergy plan for Spring.

"I'm dreading the pollen right now.  I just sounded like I had the flu constantly so I'm trying to remember what happened last year and trying to prepare for it."

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