Alleged Racial Slur by Angola Police Officer Towards Truck Driver


Published 07/03 2014 10:25PM

Updated 07/07 2014 01:34PM

Raul Martinez III said, during his career as a truck driver, he's been pulled over a few times and received tickets, but he says this is the first time an officer of the law has ever used a racial slur towards him.

"He called me an eff--- spic."

That's the racial slur that Huntington truck driver Raul Martinez III alleged was said to him by an Angola police officer after a routine traffic stop for failure to yield in downtown Angola two weeks ago.

Martinez said, "I was making a right turn from U.S. 20 to continue to U.S. 20 and there was a yield sign and the cop pulled me over because he said I didn’t stop at the yield sign."

Martinez admitted he did argue with the police officer over the yield sign but added, "When he tried to argue that’s when he tried to say that trucks are supposed to stop at yield signs and not just give the right away there is a car approaching and I told him he was mistaken."

Martinez alleged, that when the Angola police officer was bringing back the drivers license and insurance...He then said, "He looked at my ID he called me an eff--- spic, and he said were dirtying up his town."

Martinez says he was flabbergasted and, "Speechless, he was on my truck and after he said that he just got down and told me I was good to go."

Martinez put out calls to several other police organizations in Indiana and multiple agencies within the city of Angola, looking for help. He said, "I tried to call the mayor's office the chief of police the city attorney for Angola I have tried to call the governor's office along with the state senator."

Martinez also contacted the Indiana State Civil Rights Commission and they told Martinez they would investigate. WFFT spoke with the Angola Assistant Chief Taylor, who wouldn’t speak on camera, but told said that he was instructed to say no comment.

WFFT’s Isabella Moller tried to speak with the police chief in Angola and they had no comment on the situation. She asked several questions and got the same answer, “no comment.” The City Attorney wouldn’t speak with Moller either.

Martinez has not paid for the ticket and says he has every intention of going to court on September 22nd of this year to argue his case. He also plans to tell the judge what he accuses the officer of saying.

Martinez told me that he has also looked into getting an attorney to represent him. In the end, Martinez says he wants just one thing, "I'll fight for the ticket in its own due course if I did break the law but I just want an apology for the remark."

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