Airport Workers Keeping Runways Clear of Snow


Published 02/06 2014 01:49PM

Updated 02/06 2014 02:08PM

With all of the business and school cancellations we've had this Winter, what about the airport? 

Airport Officials tell WFFT that over the course of this entire Winter season, there has only been 1 flight that was diverted and unable to land in Fort Wayne, which is a pretty amazing statistic.

WFFT's Brooke Welch rode along with workers at the airport to find out how they are able to keep the runways clear of blowing and drifting snow.

We have received record levels of snow and of course the airport is getting it too so how are they able to keep all that snow off the runways so that flights can land and leave safely?

"The biggest challenge is fatigue.  We've got a lot of people that are snow fatigued."

Craig Williams, Director of Operations and Facilities at the Fort Wayne Airport says his team is responsible for keeping the runways clear.

"The big storms that we've had and last night was no exception.  The airport has been available.  We've had takeoffs and arrivals already this morning, and even last night as the snow was falling."

Crews work 12 hour shifts around the clock.  He let Brooke ride along to get a firsthand look at how they are able to get planes off the ground.

Looking at the runway, you can see that it is almost bare.  Williams says they achieve that by having a normal snow plow truck, followed by a special brush truck.  With planes landing at all times of the day, there is a lot of coordination involved with making sure snow plows are not in the way.

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