Active Shooter Training at Westview High School


Published 06/06 2014 09:16AM

Updated 06/06 2014 09:31AM

Westview High School experienced a real life shooting scenario with involvement from the Indiana State Police, as part of the state's safe school active shooter program.

It's an emergency everyone prays will never happen, but officials have to be prepared for, just in case. A mock shooter with the Indiana State Police enters the Westview High School cafeteria, and students respond with screaming, mock deaths and injuries.

"It was honestly really scary, you thought you knew what you were getting into. They told us what they were going to do, they even told us where they were going, got in here, you hear the shots, and it was really freaky," said senior Abigail Miller.  

Sounds of help while faculty and administration look on. "It was rough. It was rough to hear our students screaming. It gives you that uneasy feeling, that you hope you never have to deal with as an administrator," said Principal Rich Cory.

Sergeant Ron Galaviz with the Indiana State Police says the purpose is to help educators look at the active shooter policies they have in place. "We don't want to make it seem like we're quote unquote training the teachers on how to do certain things. We're giving them ideas to think outside the box. Giving them ideas they may not have thought about, on how to best help protect their children and secure their own classroom, and ultimately, their own school."

Cory says the staff will use Thursday's demonstration to continue to improve and modify school policies. "We are out in the middle of the country, and it still could happen here. Unfortunately, that's a sign of the times where we are at. Again, we want to just plan for the worst, and hope for the best."

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