Active Shooter Scenario At Angola High School Helps School Plan Safety Measures


Published 08/19 2014 10:25AM

Updated 08/19 2014 01:55PM

With the new school year here, safety is of course a top priority for officials...and with the tragic recent school shootings we've seen across our country....local schools are making sure their teachers and administrators are prepared.  Monday afternoon Angola High School had their teachers participate in an active shooter scenario to make sure, they are prepared.

Shots rang out in the hallways of Angola High School today as a mock shooter came through the school to help prepare faculty in case there ever is a real emergency. Indiana State Police Sergeant Ron Galaviz, "The purpose of this is to help school administrators, their faculty, begin a dialog, on how could we mitigate what could potentially happen in the event, one of these events took place in their school."

With students falling over in front of teachers in the hallway, and the sounds of gunfire

Principal of Angola High School Travis Heavin says this reenactment really hits home.  "I hope it never ever happens. I really hope it never ever happens. It's probably one of the most dramatic things I've ever seen, or that my staff has seen too."

Galaviz says everyone should watch out for warning signs. "There are clues, there are red flags. sometimes very small, sometimes glowing. Ya know, a lot of them are on social network."

Angola High School makes their students and faculty aware, that if they see something out of the ordinary on someone's social let them know.

"If you know of anything to let us know. Text us, leave us a note, write us, let us know. We need to be aware of it. You're the first contact to let us know and keep something horrible from happening."

The purpose of Monday's training is to make sure staff is ready in case of an emergency, and to remind everyone to watch for possible warning signs and the importance of telling someone if they see anything suspicious.

Each school system has their own policies in place, but if you would like more information about how to talk to your child about school safety, you can check out the Indiana State Police website here:

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