5th Annual Fort For Fitness Kids Marathon Begins

Published 07/01 2014 02:27PM

Updated 07/01 2014 02:35PM

The 5th Annual Fort for Fitness Kids Marathon has begun for the year.

This year close to 1,000 kids participate in a summer long program where they will run a total of 26.2 miles.  Parents say the event helps promote more family time and exercise for the kids.

"It's designed to be a marathon for them so the last run is 1.2 miles so there's 25 miles left.  Over the course of 2 months they basically can do a half miles or mile increments.  We do usually a mile increments.  Trying to run together for that portion."

The kids marathon will finish on September 26th at Parkview Field where the children who participated are going to receive medals.

Parents can still sign their kids up for a fee of $10.00. 

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