4 Horses Dead and Many More Found Malnourished in Huntington Barn

Published 03/17 2014 01:47PM

Updated 03/17 2014 02:07PM

At least 4 horses are dead and many more found malnourished in a Huntington barn, this according to animal control officers.

The owner says the brutal winter weather is partly to blame for the tragedy.  WFFT's Charlie De Mar spent the day in Huntington speaking with the owner of the horses and Animal Car and Control about their investigation.

How could something like this happen.  That is the question investigators are trying to get to the bottom of.  One factor that they do say played a big role in this is the weather but what's not as clear is whether or not this was an accident or neglect.

"I received a phone call.  We actually have property here and in Florida."

The phone call Shannon Cobbs received was from a Huntington County Animal Care and Control Officer.

"The Indiana State Board of Animal Health received an anonymous tip that there were horses at this location that were not in the best of shape and maybe 1 or 2 deceased."

Somebody was supposed to be taking care of the horses at this Huntington barn while Cobbs was at his family's other barn in Florida, where they breed clydesdales.

"Losing one horse is too many."

What Cobbs found when he returned from the Sunshine State was much worse.  There were 3 dead horses, 1 that was eventually euthanized and 10 others that were badly malnourished and there could be more.

"When you can look at the past and know who you are inside and how much you do love the animals and the horses and take care of them on a regular basis, that's all you do."

Cobbs says the weather along with the secluded location of the barn is what led to this tragic situation but we asked Lori Vanover with Huntington County Animal Care and Control how it got to this point.

"It is an ongoing investigation and hopefully we will find that out in the end."

Vanover, along with the Indiana State Board of Animal Health will submit reports from their investigation and it will be up to the prosecutor whether or not to press charges.

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