3rd Grade Girl Has Special Request for Birthday on Flag Day

By BROOKE WELCH | bwelch@wfft.com

Published 06/16 2014 02:38PM

Updated 06/16 2014 03:09PM

June 14th, all over the country people celebrated Flag Day and one 3rd grader had a special request for her birthday. 

Instead of a typical birthday party with presents and friends, this little girl decided she wanted to treat members of the 1st Battalion, 293rd Infantry in Fort Wayne with cupcakes.

WFFT's Brooke Welch was at the event and has more on this special treat.

Jessica didn't ask for bounce houses or Disney characters for her birthday but instead, to celebrate those that protect our freedoms.

Jessica's parents Ron and Tammy Crockett were surprised and proud of their daughter's wish.

"What to do for her birthday and she said this.  Our jaws dropped and we were like wow really?  Coming from an 8 year old it was amazing that she wanted to do something like this."

Jessica explains how she got the idea, "There's those commercials on a channel that I watch a lot.  They do something nice for people so they sacrifice for me, so i thought I could do something nice for them."

Jessica's 3rd grade class at Covington Elementary School also made thank you cards, and Jessica said she plans to shake each soldier's hand and say thank you.

Lieutenant Colonel Greg Marcuson appreciates the support.

"The support that Fort Wayne and the community and the population shows for us, I would say is bar-none from anything else I've ever experiences in 20 years."

To return the favor, Jessica got a nice surprise herself with a chorus of "Happy Birthday" and was awarded a coin exclusive to this Battalion that only a limited number are given out.

"It's underscored when a young girl in elementary school wants to come and do this.  It gives me pride in what I do, it gives me pride in the community and I would say the same thing for the soldiers.  That's how they feel."

"I was so proud of her and the fact that she thought of this and wasn't looking for the latest toy and wanted that to be her birthday gift.  That was an amazing thing to me."

Jessica's birthday wish is that the soldiers feel special.

"This is a phenomenal community and this is awesome."

It looks like her wish came true.

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