3 Ordinances Up for Discussion to End Collective Bargaining

Published 05/21 2014 09:51AM

Updated 05/21 2014 10:00AM

3 ordinances that would end collective bargaining for Fort Wayne City Unions were up for discussion at the latest City Council meeting.

Presentations were made both for and against collective bargaining.  WFFT's Charlie De Mar has been following the developments of this story and was at the meeting.

Arguments were made on Mayor Tom Henry's behalf.  The unions point of view and finally Councilman John Crawford, who is one of the authors of these ordinances.  It was another round of heated discussion as a vote could come down in the coming weeks.

As we've told you, Councilman John Crawford and Russ Jehl introduced 3 ordinances that would eliminate collective bargaining for Fort Wayne's City Unions.

They contend that collective bargaining is a waste of tax payer money and city resources.  Mayor Tom Henry has openly supported the unions and the collective bargaining process and has said that if any of the 3 ordinances passed, he would veto.

Tim Pape, a former city councilman and local attorney represented Mayor Tom Henry's position.

Winning formula Mark Giaquenta, also a local attorney and currently the President of the Fort Wayne Community School Board spoke for the unions.  He was passionate in his delivery saying that John Crawford's presentation of statistics and figures was filled with "junk science and was snarly".  He spoke favorably of unions and the benefits collective bargaining has.

Republican Councilman John Crawford delivered a powerpoint presentation to support his position on why he thinks collective bargaining only favors union members and that's the reason they want to maintain the process.

These presentations will aid the rest of the councilman in making their final vote which could come as soon as the 27th.  Mayor Henry plans on vetoing these ordinances if any of them pass.  If that happens, it would then be brought back to City Council.

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