Issue with New Obamacare Website Continue

Published 11/01 2013 02:44PM

Updated 11/01 2013 02:52PM

Issues with the new Obamacare website that continue at this point are now beginning to take a back seat to insurance cancellation problems facing thousands of Americans.

The issue is President Obama's promises that Americans can keep their insurance if they like their plan.  Turns out for some people that may not be true.

An increasing number of people are getting cancellation letters from their insurance companies.

"I have a feeling at the end of this year we will be without health insurance."

During a speech in Boston Wednesday evening, President Obama addressed this portion of the growing controversy surrounding the Affordable Care Act.

"So if you're getting one of these letters, just shop around in the new marketplace.  That's what it's for."

The issue is the President's repeated promise that if you like your current healthcare plan, you can keep it. 

Some companies are now saying new rules that guard against insufficient coverage mean some plans don't comply with the Affordable Care Act and they are discontinuing those plans. 

Republicans are pouncing.

"That was a fundamental promise that was made in order to get this law passed and now that's being broken and we're seeing that it wasn't an unintended consequence, it was an intended consequence."

The White House says the law is clear.

"If you had insurance prior to passage of Affordable Care, you are grandfathered in forever no matter how crummy the plan is."

At the same time, the White House says it absolutely supports minimum standards in coverage plans.

"Now they're being forced into a plan that the government says is okay, that is good enough for the American people."

The cancellation controversy follows the Obamacare website problems that led to a contentious congressional hearing with Secretary Sebelius Wednesday.  Sebelius is expected to testify before a Senate panel in early November.

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