Government Shutdown: Heading Into 3rd Week

Published 10/16 2013 02:34PM

Updated 10/16 2013 02:56PM

The Government Shutdown heading into it's 3rd week, as the clock to solve the debt ceiling continues to tick.  Senate Democrats rejected the House Republican's plan to put an end to the deadlock.

"We're talking with our members on both sides of the aisle to try to find a way to move forward."

With time running out, House Speaker John Boehner unveiled a plan to his members. 

After it appeared it didn't have the votes, House leaders decided to move forward with a modified one.  To fund the Government until December 15th, boost the debt ceiling until February 7th and insist that political appointees, members of Congress, and their staffs live under Obamacare without subsidies. 

Boehner and his team spent a good portion of the day searching for the right package to pass the House.

"There have been no decisions about what exactly we will do but we're going to continue to work with both our members on both sides of the aisle to try to make sure that there's no issue of default and to get our Government reopened."

The initial House GOP plan also included a repeal of the medical device tax and income verification for Obamacare, which drew democratic outrage.

"What you heard was a plan to default on the full faith and credit of the United States of America.  That is by design, that is their intention.  Make no mistake about that."

"The House Republican leadership's plan that is now out, people have taken a look at it.  It's a plan to advance an extreme piece of legislation and it's nothing more than blatant attack on bipartisanship."

Key Senate Republicans said Reid and the Democrats could not afford to reject the House GOP plan without giving it consideration.

"By dismissing it he is saying that he doesn't want to negotiate and that is not a reasonable position."

Reid and McConnell agreed to put their talks on hold, and all eyes shifted to the House to see if they have the votes.

"Now the issue is will the House pass a bill or will the Senate simply pass what is being coined as Reid-McConnell and send it over to the House.  That's really the issue."

There are Senators clearly agitated by Reid and McConnell putting their talks on hold, worried the House might not be able to get this done.

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