Government Shutdown: Day 16 & 1 Day Before Deadline

Published 10/17 2013 02:13PM

Updated 10/17 2013 02:27PM

On day 16 of the Government Shutdown and 1 day before the deadline to raise the nation's borrowing limit, lawmakers make an 11th hour deal but there is more work to do to get it across the finish line and to President Obama's desk. 

Here is the reality is just a short term agreement.

The late night votes to end the Government Shutdown bring President Obama to the briefing room as a deal is struck just hours away from the deadline to raise the nation's borrowing limit.

"Once this agreement arrives, I will sign it immediately and open the government immediately."

The deal to send hundreds of thousands of federal employees furloughed for the 16 days back to work got it's first vote in the Senate.

"The bill is reported as passed."

The last minute plan reopens the government until January 15th and allows the US to borrow money until February 7th.  Without this deal, the government's borrowing authority runs out Thursday.

"Let's be honest, this is pain inflicted for no good reason, and we cannot make the same mistake again."

It also establishes a December 13th deadline for a budget committee to work out more complicated differences.

"This deal kicks the can down the road."

The plan also makes a minor adjustment in the verification process.  In the Affordable Care Act, a far cry from the GOP demand to defund the law, the requirement that led to the shutdown is now up to the House.

Government employees are generally expected to report back to work the first full day after President Obama signs the measure but the battles on Capitol Hill are far from finished.  The new deadlines will spark more shutdowns and possible shutdowns in the next 4 months.

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