Government Shutdown: 14 Days Later

Published 10/15 2013 01:55PM

Updated 10/15 2013 02:02PM

14 days into the partial government shutdown, the Senate is still working on a deal to raise the debt ceiling and reopen the government.  With President Obama meeting with congressional leaders and some Senators expressing optimism...could we be in for a deal this week?

Fresh off meetings Monday morning, Senate Republican leaders gave an update on their progress on reaching a debt deal.

"We're on the right page and in the right paragraph."

"We're making progress.  We're gonna continue to meet throughout the day."

Meanwhile, President Obama visited a DC food pantry where he didn't mince words, calling the shutdown completely unnecessary.  He once again urged Congress to put aside their differences.

"If Republicans are not willing to set aside some of the partisan concerns in order to do what's right for the country, we stand a good chance of defaulting.  Defaulting would have a potentially devastating affect on our economy."

As the Senate reconvened mid-afternoon, Majority Leader Harry Reid and his Republican counterpart Mitch McConnell both said they are optimistic.

"We've had an opportunity over the last couple of days to have some very constructive exchanges of views about how to move forward.  Those discussions continue and I share his optimism that we're gonna get a result that will be acceptable to both sides."

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