Stores Busy with Back to School Shoppers


Published 08/06 2014 05:54PM

Updated 08/07 2014 08:28AM

Back to school shopping.  For many families, it's one of the things that brings excitement for the new school year.

"Oh of course, every year. he gets to pick out his folders that he likes with the characters, pick out his book bag. He gets to pick everything out, he loves it."

"I've purchased markers and some folders..."

"We usually come together and get all the supplies, and now that the kids are getting older, it's so different. It's not the Crayola crayons and the glue, now it's all the different binders and finding different things."

Wal-mart Store Manager Darlene Walker says technology has been the biggest change in school supplies over the years.
"Of course a lot of the schools now going to Ipads for the kids. so when it comes to paper and that kind of stuff, it's starting to lessen. But we are keeping up on 1 inch and 3 inch binders to keep all their information in, and that's been a great seller for us."

Walker tells us this year's hot item.

"I know a lot of the school systems are changing over the years. One of the biggest things we've seen in our stores, is the TI-83 calculators, for like FWCS. a lot of kids are coming in and asking for those types of things."

Carroll High School Teacher Teri Delagrange hopes back to school shopping gets everyone ready for a new year.

"Just a fresh start for each student. Ya know, maybe you didn't end the school year well, but you have a fresh start for the new semester, and get off to a good start."

Now if you forgot to pick up your school supply list at registration, here are the links for area schools.

For Northwest Allen Community Schools:
Click on this link and then click on your school.

For Southwest Allen Community Schools:

For Fort Wayne Community Schools click on one of the two attachments.

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