Record Setting Snowfall Leads to Record Setting School Cancellations


Published 02/14 2014 02:24PM

Updated 02/14 2014 02:33PM

Record setting snowfall and temperatures have also led to record breaking school cancellations.  Many schools in our area have missed 10 or more days this Winter.

2 days have been waived by the State, but that means the rest of the missed time will have to be made up.  Instead of going to school into June, DeKalb County Eastern School System has decided to accept one of the state's other options for making up lost time.

Due to all of this white stuff, most of the schools in our viewing area haven't had a normal week of school without a cancellation or delay since December.  Instead of going into June, DeKalb County Eastern has decided on a different solution, extending school hours.

"I think it's better, it will probably break it up a little more.  Will have more summertime."

"i don't think it's a good idea.  It cuts into homework time, dinnertime, parenting time, ya know? Family time."

The new schedule still keeps the last day of school as May 30th but now the school day will be 30 minutes longer for elementary school students and 40 minutes longer at the high school.  School Superintendent Dr. Jeffrey Stephens knows he's going to hear positive and negative feedback about the decision.

"Ya know, it's a mixed bag.  In this situation there is no good way to try and make up three days."

They also are making up 5 days, by taking away 1 week of their 2 week spring break.  A decision that also brings positive and negative feedback.

"Yeah, I do.  I think they may not like it now, but in June they'll like it.  They just have to be patient."

"Because I share custody.  It offends me a little big, because that takes away my time with my daughter."

Extending hours now was the best move financially for the school, for spring sports, and for summer school classes.

"It will take us 27 days to make up the 3 with our new schedule,  but that's assuming we do not close with the weather between now and then."

Stephens says he hopes students will return to their regular class schedule soon.

"We're hoping next week, so we'll see."

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