Parents Speak out on New School Hours

Published 03/07 2014 01:47PM

Updated 03/07 2014 02:42PM

This is the first week that FWCS added an extra hour to each school day.  The Board of Trustees voted last month to add time in the classroom in order to make up for 12 snow days this Winter.

East Allen County Schools and Northwest Allen County Schools are also adding time to each day but Southwest Allen County Schools are opting for a different solution.  That school district is providing laptops to students to complete online assignments on Saturdays.

WFFT's Audra Streetman spoke with parents at Southwest Allen County and Fort Wayne Community Schools and their response was very positive.

Many of them understand that students need to make up days somehow and many of them agree that their school district made the right call.

The final bell is ringing an hour late this month at FWCS and Northwest Allen County Schools.  FWCS cancelled school 12 time this Winter.  To compensate, the district is adding an hour to each school day through April 11th.

Elementary schools will dismiss at 4:30pm.  Middle schools are at 3:25pm and high schools at 3:35pm.  Elementary after school activities are cancelled.  Middle and high school activities start later in the day. 

East Allen County Schools are adding 30 minutes to each school day which will make up for 2 out of 13 snow days this Winter.

The state allow districts to apply for a maximum of 2 waivers for snow days.  Many school districts are also adding make up days throughout the rest of the year.

Northwest Allen County Schools are extending class by 1 hour for 24 days. 

All Southwest Allen County Schools are adding online work instead of extending the school day.  E-Learning was not an option for FWCS because the district does not offer one-to-one computers for students.

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