Keeping Kids In District


Published 07/23 2014 05:59PM

Updated 08/01 2014 04:28PM

If you get a knock on the door this week and it's your child's teacher or principal- Don't worry, they're not in trouble.

Staff from Fort Wayne Community Schools are going door to door for rest of this week to let you know about upcoming registration dates.

And they say it's also a way to fight competition from charter and private schools.

Now school district officials say that even though the high schools are pretty packed attendance-wise, many of the feeder schools- the elementary and middle schools- still have plenty of room for students.

So they want you to know they think that's the best place to put your kids.

Lane Middle School teacher Mary Venderly spent Wednesday afternoon knocking on doors.

"We just feel like if parents are aware and know what's going on, then they're going to come to registration and get their kid signed up, and it helps us get a good start off to our school year,” Venderly says.

Admissions and Programs Coordinator Jovan Barnes says while the district’s high schools are overflowing with students, attendance at the city's elementary and middle schools is much thinner.

He told teachers today it's because the district faces stiff competition from charter and private schools in the area.

He urged them to remind parents about the benefits of a public education.

"Just making sure that we have a connection with these parents. A lot of parents, they can't get to the schools all the time, and I'm glad we have a lot of principals here and a lot of assistant principals here, because sometimes, that's one of the few times they see the assistant principal and principal. And if we can make a lasting impression, hopefully we can keep the kids K through twelve,” Barnes says.

FWCS registration is Friday, August 1st and Monday, August 4th, with the first day of class August 18th.

If they haven't knocked on your door yet, don't worry, they'll be out all week covering the rest of the county.

So you still have a chance to get one of those door hangers or one of those yard signs for the front of your yard.

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