Inside the Fort Wayne School System


Published 04/18 2014 02:47PM

Updated 04/18 2014 03:02PM

Earlier this week, WFFT announced the State's 4 star school rating and while not too many Fort Wayne Community Schools received the top mention, community business leaders learned more about the school system.

WFFT's Brooke Welch takes you inside one of the largest school systems in the state.

Fort Wayne business leaders toured 3 schools.  Harrison Hill Elementary, Towles Intermediate School, and South Side High School and they were impressed with what they saw.

"I'm really impressed with how sophisticated the learning process is here that they are employing.  It's far different than I was accustomed to and certainly I think it would surprise most people if they came on this tour."

This kind of reaction is exactly what Superintendent Wendy Robinson was hoping for.

"So that's really why we have people here so that a school does not become defined by just a test score."

There are 51 FWCS and only 1 received a 4 star ranking.  Robinson wants this "Seeing is Believing" tour to give business leaders a realistic view of the school system.

"We are labeling schools through the state accountability process.  A person that's actually been in our buildings can say that's not an accurate reflection of what I saw.  I saw students that are actually engaged.  I saw teachers that are delivering phenomenal lessons."

Community Leader Clifford Clarke with Ivy Tech Community College says FWCS is providing project based learning that will help kids develop skills for the workplace.

"I think the outlook is bright with Fort Wayne Community Schools.  I like education to be delivered in a variety of different ways so I'm open to all kinds and methodologies of delivery.  I think what we're seeing here in Fort Wayne Community Schools is very promising."

Robinson says she hopes this raises awareness to not judge a school solely on test scores and rankings.

"To have more and more people understand that schools are complicated places and that no one single factor determines whether a child is being successful or whether a school is successful.

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