Importance of Early Education at Home with State Superintendent


Published 01/27 2014 02:37PM

Updated 01/27 2014 03:03PM

Are you preparing your young toddler to enter preschool or kindergarten? Indiana's State Superintendent paid a visit to Wells County to raise awareness of the importance of early education at home.

Most people might not think about it but research shows that what a child learns at the age of 4 can actually have an impact on their success later on down the road.

"Making sure kids have what they need to enter the school system arena, and feel confident about what they are doing."

Getting quality early learning foundations in place in Indiana is one of Ritz's main goals this legislative session.

"They are not going to be behind.  They are going to be ready to go, they are going to know what learning is all about.  They are going to have those experiences that make them feel like they can succeed in what they do in school."

Wells County has the lowest enrollment in preschools in Northeast Indiana.  Pamela Beckford of the United Way explains why they are working to change that statistic.

"We know that if children are not ready to enter kindergarten, the chances of them being successful and being ready to read at 3rd grad reading level, always diminishes."

The United Way offers preschool scholarships, holds a kindergarten countdown orientation program, and has quarterly parent guides with learning ideas and activities.

"Anything that we can do to make sure that children are ready."

So the message to you parents is to get involved with your child's education at a very young age.  Read to them, practice Math and English skills.  It's never too early to start so don't wait until they enter school lat age 5 or 6.

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