IDOE School Performance Rankings

Published 10/31 2012 08:20PM

Updated 11/02 2012 11:02AM

Fort Wayne community schools are facing a sophomore slump.  For the second year the state has issued letter grades to every district in the state and Fort Wayne Community Schools dropped from a grade of "A" to a grade of "C".  However, the state did change its' grading criteria. 



The  Department of Education met this morning  in Indianapolis and  not only graded each individual school but also each school district---Fort Wayne Community schools held a conference discussing their grade.


"We're a C under this years formulation which was changed from last years formulation," Mark GiaQuinta, The FWCS School Board President.   


Fort Wayne Community schools received an A on last years report card and a C this year-but Mark GiaQuinta the president of the FWCS board of trustees stressed that there's more to understanding what goes on inside of  a school than just a letter grade


"I don't think any letter grade assigned to a school is going to be completely fair I think each parent has to go inside the school," said GiaQuinta. 


Along with FWCS East Allen County Cchools received a "C" while both Northwest and Southwest Allen County schools scored "A's".   The Indiana Department of Dducation says they used the latest tools and methods to measure academic performance


"I've already told Dr. Bennett we want to do an after action review about this whole process because there's some data gathering things that we want to talk to him about," said Dr. Wendy Robinson. 


FWCS Superintendent Dr. Wendy Robinson says parents should be more concerned about the academic progress of their child rather than the grade.


"We are very careful not to be defensive but when you look at the individual achievement of that individual student that's what parents need to be worried about," said Robinson/ 


FWCS says they have already taken measures to improve the ten schools that scored below a "C".




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