FWCS Postpones ISTEP Tests

Published 04/28 2014 07:13PM

Updated 04/29 2014 08:15AM

Fort Wayne Community Schools announcing today that students will not be taking ISTEP tests this week as schedules. The school district says at least 28 schools are experiencing computer network issues during the test.

FWCS Superintendent Doctor Wendy Robinson says ISTEP testing may be delayed until late May. Last year, computer glitches interrupted more than 30,000 ISTEP testing sessions.

Schools in Oklahoma had to suspended statewide testing due to a similar problem. Oklahoma's test is provided by CTB McGraw-Hill, the same company that provides ISTEP to Indiana schools.

FWCS Director of Technology Jack Byrd says the district purchased 2300 computers in the last two years. The bandwidth to the internet has also increased five times.

CTB could find no problem with the school district's network. 

In December, FWCS downloaded the ISTEP client updates onto the district's 9,000 computers. In January and February, the district performed stress tests on the computers to test the network. And on April 10th, students began practice tests, resulting in dozens of interruptions.

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