FWCS Mobile App Enhancing School Year

By ANDREW LOGSDON | alogsdon@wfft.com

Published 08/20 2014 07:59PM

Updated 08/21 2014 09:05AM

Two years ago, a local eighth grader created a mobile app for Fort Wayne Community Schools.

As school starts this week, that app continues to impact parents here in the community.

WFFT with the app creator, Chance McKibben, who is now a sophomore at Snyder High School, and how it has changed the way people prepare for the school year.

And it's not just the FWCS app- he also has an online store for both apple and android that's creating apps for businesses and organizations all across the country- including right here.

"Yea, it was always fun saying, wow, I did this, and then it's actually being used. That's what I love the most is seeing it in use, and seeing it work,” McKibben says.

The FWCS app is now two years old and has been downloaded thousands of times.

Available for both apple and android, it has changed communication between schools and families.

As schools set records for snow days, the app alerted families right on their phones.

It's been updated several times and has some new additions for this school year.

"One thing that we added that we didn't have on there two years ago was school supply lists. And so just looking over the past couple of weeks, that has been an area where people have gone to the app to look at the school supply lists,” says FWCS spokesperson Krista Stockman.

"The lunch menus are in there, the school supplies are, and you can even pay your lunch fees in there, so you know if your child doesn't have money in the account, there you go,” McKibben says.

In the past month, Chance created a new app for Big Brothers Big Bisters of Northeast Indiana.

"Big Brothers Big Sisters is an organization that is so reliant on volunteers, and to get an apple app, or an app for our volunteers and our donors and our staff to be used to make their experience easier, more twenty-first century bound, it's been just a blessing,” says BBBSNEI CEO Josette Rider.

If you want to find out more about Chance and the Apple App Factory, he'll be featured on this upcoming Monday's Locally Made Monday with his company.
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