Extended School Hours Going Home

By ANDREW LOGSDON | alogsdon@wfft.com

Published 04/23 2014 06:10PM

Updated 04/24 2014 08:53AM

Parents and students of Fort Wayne Community Schools can finally relax- the extended hours have ended.

And the other Allen County districts are also nearing the end of their programs to make up all the time lost of the record number of snow days.

WFFT spoke with administrators and some of you to ask what they learned, and what did or didn't work.

As those days have finally wound down, we talked to school officials and some of you parents, to find out what worked- what didn't- and how they would change things if we have to do this again next year.

"I think it was fine, maybe just, I think- stopping in the middle of the week, we probably should have went until Friday, just to keep it repetitious,” says parent Tamesha Fikes.

On Thursday, students return to their normal start and dismissal times until the year ends on June sixth.

FWCS spokesperson Krista Stockman says they learned a lot.

"At the middle and high schools, one thing we did hear was are they supposed to be using it for study time, or are they supposed to be delving into new curriculum- how are they supposed to work that out. And I think it ended up being a combination,” stockman says.

To make up the missed days, Southwest Allen County Schools took to e-learning with classwork over the internet.

Parents say they were pleased, but it had a few kinks.

"The way that the teachers set up the assignments and set up the discussion topics and the questions and answers were different, so there was some confusion,” says parent Kara Jaurigue.

SACS officials were not available today.

Stockman says while attractive, online learning wouldn't work for them.

"We know that a lot of our students don't have access to computers at home, and so that would really be a hardship for many of our families,” Stockman says.

Now other districts.

Northwest Allen County- its final day is actually tomorrow for extended hours.

For East Allen County Schools- you're almost done as well.

Those thirty minutes extra added on continues until May 8th, and they have an e-learning day this upcoming Saturday, April 26th.

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