E-Learning System for Students of Southwest Allen County Schools

Published 03/17 2014 02:11PM

Updated 03/17 2014 02:35PM

Most schools in the area have added an extra hour to their school days, but for students of Southwest Allen County, they're trying a new system called "E-Learning".

It's an online program for students to do extra hours of homework after school.

"I don't think e-learning is right.  Like, I mean that we are the only district in Allen County that is even doing this."

Parents, teachers, and students of Allen County are divided when it comes to agreeing on the way local schools are handling make-up days.

Most of the area is tacking on an hour to the end of the school day, or starting school 30 minutes early and letting kids go home 30 minutes late.

Southwest Allen County Schools are trying a new approach to making up the work, through a method called "E-Learning." 

"I think staying at school for another hour would be, I think I might like that a little more, because then it would feel just like a school day, not homework."

Beth Hollman is a 1st grade teacher at Lafayette Meadows, in the Southwest Allen County School District.

"This is a learning curve for parents, for teachers, and for students.  So they hope, if the state agrees with our pilot, that next school year we won't have to worry about make-up days."

Although students might not be happy about the extra homework, Hollman says it's a better alternative than keeping kids in school for an extra hour.

"By the end of the day at 3:30 for 1st graders, they're done.  So, for them it gives them an opportunity to get home, get rested up, get some of that energy out, run around a big, and then do an hour of work."

Some parents are warming up to the idea of E-Learning becoming a new part of the their kid's schooling.

"There is good and bad. There's no happy medium between the two, but at least I know with e-learning, we're getting our feet wet this school year, dove right in, teachers are getting used to it, students and parents are getting used to it- so if it's something that continues for next year, there won't be a snow day!"

If E-Learning does become a permanent change in the Southwest Allen County School District, a change will need to be made in order to make computers more accessible for elementary school students. 

The district will be tweaking the program and fixing any bugs over the summer, while E-Learning's permanent approach is pending from the state.

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