Democrats Say "We Can Do Better" on Education


Published 08/06 2014 10:10PM

Updated 08/07 2014 08:15AM

Jeremy Waucheck said he's sending one of his children to a private school this year because he was not impressed with Indiana’s Public School system.

John Zody, Indiana’s Democratic Party Chairman joins Thad Gerardot, House 81st District Democratic Candidate along with Jack Morris the Senate 81st District Democratic Candidate on a tour claiming, "We Can Do Better".

Gerardot said, he believes businesses will be more inclined to relocate to Indiana if the state has a better educated work force.

Gerardot said, "They also quote having the workforce work the jobs we've been hording 2 billion dollar surplus that needs to be returned to the communities and that needs to be returned to our children."

And that 2 billion dollar surplus is tax payer money that Gerardot said, has already been paid, so how did the cash pile up?"There have been several cuts from several administrations, the family and social services administration had a 24 million dollar cut a lot of cuts to education are part of that surplus too," said Gerardot.

Parents like Christy Chaffee, a mother of 2, send her kids to private schools, because she feels, public schools fall short.

"I think there needs to be more creativity in the classroom. All children learn differently and I think that's being taken away. It's being too structured," said Chaffee.

Chaffee's cousin, is a teacher...She's told her, because of state structured assignments, it's hard to allow kids to be creative. She said, "Her teaching has to be so structured around these tests."

Gerardot said with this surplus money he hopes to expand incentive programs for kids to get funding for higher education.

"It's already tax payer money we've collected so I think it should be returned to the communities and the best way to do that is though education," said Gerardot.

WFFT reached out to Governor Mike Pence's office as well as the Republican House Representatives and they did not respond to the Democratic initiative.

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