Vietnamese Restaurant Saigon Closed Due to Unwanted Pests

Published 07/09 2014 01:49PM

Updated 07/09 2014 01:55PM

Another Fort Wayne restaurant was shut down due to unwanted pests!

Saigon, a Vietnamese restaurant located on South Calhoun Street was shut down by the Fort Wayne Allen County Health Department after the department found cockroaches during a routine health inspection.

Most food establishments are inspected twice a year where they are checked for harborage conditions, sanitation levels, and pests.

"When we see the presence of live pests, along with harborage conditions and dead pests, a lot of times we'll make that decision that it's necessary to close.  They have to fix all of the issues that they have, and then we will come back out and re-inspect."

Applegate says it is the Health Department's goal to reopen businesses as quickly as they can, as long as they are meeting the minimum health standards.

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