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Weight Loss in Fort Wayne

Are you looking for help with weight loss in Fort Wayne?  Utilizing the latest developments in cellular biocommunication technology we are able to ?listen? to the body ? to determine what supplements and the exact amount of each supplement that the body has a biological preference for which tremendously aids our decision making to attain the best results for long lasting and permanent targeted fat loss.

Here?s how it works; Using the most advanced technology with the NRF (NutriMost Resonant Frequency) biocommunication technology, the computer sends a signal to the body in the form of a virtual stimulus, your body responds with very subtle changes in the electrical properties of your skin and the hand cradle measures these changes and sends that information back to the computer; it's like the computer?s asking your body a question and your body's answering. Using this advanced technology we are now able to assess the status of the body as it relates to these biological stressors. This allows us to see where you are weaker or imbalanced and what the body will require to get strong at that site. This technology has enabled us to create this roadmap that we call the NutriMost Ultimate Fat Loss Scan which helps us find a clear direction for your path to fat loss and health.