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Acceptable Donations:
  1. Stuffed animals with tags still attached.
  2. Craft and art materials
  3. New or gently used books
  4. New or gently used highchairs, bouncy seats, swings, strollers, wagons, and mobiles

Craft Supplies
  1. Acrylic paint, Elmer's 3D paint pens
  2. Art easel
  3. Construction, finerpaint, and crepe paper
  4. Crayons, colored pencils, washable markers, and gel pens
  5. Glitter, buttons, feathers, pipe cleaners, wiggle eyes, beads, pompoms, and stickers
  6. Glue sticks, tacky glue, and glitter glue pens
  7. Paint brushes
  8. Scissors (regular and fancy edged)

  1. Board games (for all ages and developmental levels)
  2. Card Games, Uno
  3. Game Boy (or other handheld electronic games)
  4. Memory games
  5. Mind-teaser games

  1. Gift certificates for movies, music, and book stores
  2. "I Spy" books

  1. Alphabet boards
  2. Barbie dolls
  3. Bubbles
  4. Cash register
  5. Cell phones and telephones
  6. Guitars and other musical instruments
  7. Leap Frop toys
  8. Magna Doodle boards
  9. Matchbox cars
  10. Microwave and cooking toys
  11. Mr. Potato Head
  12. Puzzles (all sizes)
  13. Tool bench and tools
  14. Wind up radios, musical and light-up toys