Local Heating and Air Company "Going Green" Since 1946.

Published 11/19 2013 02:22PM

Updated 01/09 2014 10:48AM

A local heating and air company here in Fort Wayne has been "going green" since 1946.  Their main function is to make homes more economical and more efficient so that homeowners can save money on their utility costs while using less natural resources to heat and cool their home.

"He's the doc who loves to make house calls."

Nancy and Bill Berning are co-owners of Doc Dancer, a local heating and air company that's known for going to people's homes and fixing their sick furnaces.  Their specialty is lowering utility costs for homeowners by installing energy efficient appliances.

"Our business, by nature, is something where going green is a lot easier because you're talking to people about making their homes more economical and more efficient so that they can save money on their utility cost, and therefore use less natural resources to heat and cool their home."

Higher efficient motors in appliances will use far less electricity, efficient furnaces that us gas will use far less gas, and programmable thermostats will automatically raise and lower to temperature of your home to help save on energy and fuel costs.

The Bernings say checking your filters and making sure they are clean and the correct size can save you tons on your utility bill.  Equipment that is over-sized for a home is tremendously wasteful.

"We size the equipment properly for the size of the home so that it's large enough to handle whatever the home needs, but it's not larger than the home needs so it's not wasting energy in the process."

Dirty filters prevent air from flowing through, thus causing the system to not only run a lot longer to heat the home, but also causes the motor to work harder to push the air through.

Depending on the style of your filter, some need changed once a year, quarterly, and even monthly.

Filters are labeled with an efficiency rating between 1 and 13.  Typically the higher the number, the better the filter.

"A good furnace is a good furnace, but if it's properly installed, then it really works for the home owner and saves them money on their utility costs."

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