Going Green: Something Borrowed Something Green Program

Published 07/15 2014 01:28PM

Updated 07/15 2014 02:06PM

More and more people are recycling at home and now the City of Fort Wayne is making it easier for you to recycle when you're in public as well.

"Something Borrowed, Something Green" is a new recycling program that just kicked off this past weekend at the Three Rivers Festival.

WFFT's Tara Petitt was at the festival to see how the program is doing and how it's impacting our community.

"We knew that people were starting to recycle more.  When we went to the one-cart system, we went to a participation rate of 34% of the public to 80%."

Frank Suarez, with Fort Wayne City Utilities, says the city has found a new, innovative solution to recycling.  It's a program called "Something Borrowed, Something Green" and it accommodates recycling at public events. 

Whether it's for a 5K run, walk, or festival, individual event sponsors can contact the City of Fort Wayne and reserve these recycling bins for their event.

Organizers with the Three Rivers Festival are the first in the city to utilize the bins.

When all 50 of the recycling bins are full, they hold about 12,500 bottles and cans.  Organizers of the festival say that over this past weekend they had to empty the bins multiple times and those thousands of cans are all being donated to Habitat for Humanity.

"They have taken all 50 of the ones that we have available, so they will have those out throughout the area there and if you fill those everyday, that is a significant amount."

Tim Jones, with Republic Services, has been working at the Three Rivers Festival since Friday and he says the new program is working.

"That Saturday night, we emptied them probably twice that night with that Smashmouth concert and stuff.  I mean, it's going strong.  It really is."

Suarez says Three Rivers Festival was a perfect time to introduce the new bins.

"What a better way to kick it off, it's a longer event.  It draws many, many people and with them using all 50 of the bins, we know it's a good choice."

If you'd like to reserve recycling bins for your community, church, or special event, you can check them out here.

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