Going Green: Solar Farms on Airport Properties

Published 04/08 2014 01:44PM

Updated 04/08 2014 01:55PM

New technology has made it possible to install large scale solar farms on their properties.  The Fort Wayne International Airport has signed a letter of intent to put in 75 acres of solar panels at their location.

"They never had solar farms on airports because the panels that they had were very glaring.  The sunlight would bounce off of them and blind pilots.  They have no developed a non-glare panel."

New solar technology has made it possible for airports to install large scale solar farms on their property.

Scott Hinderman is the Executive Director for the Fort Wayne International Airport. 

"Airports have space available and space that they can't put tall buildings so a potential farm would be a good compatible land use in that area."

If the letter of intent is approved by the FAA, the airport will become a vital source of energy for the city.

"The energy that we would develop at this time would just go right into the grid then everybody would use it."

The project is currently going through a thorough process with the FAA to examine safety issues and determine whether a solar farm would be a viable project for the area.  They are also looking to see if there's enough sunlight in our community to support a solar farm ,as well as the cost benefit of the project.

"We wanna take care of the environment, take care of the world and if we can have some means to do some energy development for our community, renewable, sustainability, all those are good reasons for at least the public entity to embrace the idea and see if it's justifiable."

Approval from the FAA could take as long as 2 years but as soon as the project gets the thumbs up, the infrastructure could be in operation within as little as 90 days.

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