Going Green: SES Environmental Consulting Projects

Published 05/06 2014 02:06PM

Updated 05/06 2014 02:19PM

Since opening their business in 1988, SES has grown from a small, local business into an international consulting firm.

With their corporate office here in Fort Wayne, SES has successfully completed environmental consulting projects in 35 states across the US plus Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Hungary, and Austria.

"There's not a day that I don't walk or drive down a street and I don't see a building that we helped do something with that or we did an environmental study."

Cheryl Ryan is the Director of Business Development for SES Environmental.

"We are an environmental health and safety consulting firm.  So we provide consulting services, auditing services for industries throughout the Midwest, as well as throughout the United States."

Ryan says SES provides businesses with environmental solutions that are economically feasible.

"You can implement environmental policy, you can do that a lot.  But you have to make it fit with business, or you lose business."

There are different factors in sustainability, both in health and well being and also from a monetary standpoint.

"When you look at an audit, we look for efficiency so it saves money."

Ryan says it's very important to examine your processes regularly, while looking at pollution prevention.

"You use a lot of water in a process, and we can look at water consumption as it comes in a facility as it goes out of a facility, and we can track what happens to that water.  How it's treated, how we can prevent certain things from being released back into our water quality."

"This is a sparge system which involves injecting air into the saturated zone to volatilize any type of contamination that's volatile.  We had this system at a place in Warsaw and operated for a couple years and our mediation was successful."

"We have a lot of experience, we can get the job done, and that's why people keep coming back as our clients."

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