Going Green: Natural Foods

Published 06/17 2014 10:27AM

Updated 06/17 2014 10:46AM

Summer is coming and with many fruits and vegetables now in season how do you know that you are buying the best natural foods?

WFFT's Tara Petitt takes us to a local co-op to find out how we can improve our health and go green at the grocery.

"Awesome food for awesome people."  That's the slogan at 3 Rivers Natural Grocery.  A lifestyle for those who want to go green at the grocery.

"We are locally owned, all co-ops are locally owned."  Cody White, Manager of the Natural Grocery, says being locally owned separates the co-op from the chain supermarkets.

"A lot of our farming around here is controlled by companies that are not looking at the bigger picture.  They're just looking at profiles."

All of the Natural Grocery's produce is purchased locally.  Transporting produce is a major waste of energy and fuel, so produce stores who buy locally are helping to save the environment.

"All of our businesses across the country support local produce, local farmers."

White says choosing organic is a healthier and greener option because these products are natural, not genetically modified and haven't been tainted with harmful chemicals.

"All of our produce is 100% USDA certified organic and always will be."

Most corn-based products are genetically modified unless it says otherwise on the package.  If you are looking for a product that hasn't been genetically modified, it will be be marked "non-gmo" or not a genetically modified organism. 

Several recent studies, including a study released by the International Journal of Biological Sciences, show genetically modified produce are linked to organ damage.

"We wanna stay away from Canola corn-based products.  Most products we have here are non-gmo."

Chances are, the majority of the food products you guy contain some sort of preservative or modification and the way to avoid purchasing foods that are harmful to you or the environment is to simple take a closer look at what you are buying.

"They will display it right there on the box.  Read the products, read the labels and if you're not sure of a product, it doesn't hurt to ask."

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