Going Green: Local Power Equipment Store Gives Ways to Remove Snow

Published 01/28 2014 01:52PM

Updated 01/28 2014 02:02PM

WFFT went to a locally owned power equipment store to look at the most efficient ways to remove unwanted snow from your sidewalks and driveways.

"That is one of the older two-stroke engines, and so that's mixed gas and oil. They run at high RPM's, they're really loud, and they produce a lot of smoke."

Older snow blowers, like this one, are no longer in production because of the harmful emissions they release into the atmosphere.

"They're not the best for the environment, and that's why they don't really make two-stroke power equipment anymore."

The cleanest and most environmentally friendly way to remove snow from your sidewalks and driveways is shoveling.  It does not require fuel, and it's also great exercise.

However, some people are not physically able to shovel snow, and with the amount of time it takes to shovel, you could be risking frost bite.

"There is really two types of snow blowers.  There are single stage and two stage."

Single stage snow blowers have paddles.  They scoop and throw the snow in one motion, and are best used on paved and asphalt driveways.

Two stage snow blowers have an auger that spins, breaks down the snow, and then is thrown out a shoot by an impeller.

Two state blowers are best used in large snow falls of 6 inches or more and they are necessary for gravel driveways.

"For Fort Wayne, you know areas that rarely get more than six inches of snow on the ground at once, a single stage snow thrower is the most efficient. The bigger two-stages are limited by their self-propelled drive systems, which really only have minimal walking speeds, where as you can actually go faster and be more efficient with a single stage than a larger, wider two-stage."

Also, there are electric snow blowers available as well and these don't emit any harmful chemicals into the atmosphere.

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