Going Green: Ace Recycling Focuses on Reusing Electronics

Published 01/21 2014 01:44PM

Updated 01/21 2014 01:53PM

Did you know it's illegal in the state of Indiana to dump electronics into landfills? So what should you do with your E-Waste?

Ace Recycling, a local recycling plant here in Fort Wayne, focuses their business on recycling, refurbishing, and reusing electronics.

"Our primary function is to make sure electronics are not getting into our landfills."

Michael Pfeiffer, Executive Vice President of Ace Recycling, says the purpose of their company is to recycle, refurbish, and reuse.

"We make sure that the materials we are getting wind up getting recycled, and they turn back into other products that we can use."

By recycling electronics, we are reducing the possibility of mercury and other harmful chemicals, getting into the water system.

"We take everything from irons to computers, to printers, hair dryers, to curling irons.  If it's got a chord, if it's electronic in nature, it's come through here."

Trucks loaded with equipment from businesses and residences come to Ace, where the electronics are scaled and weighed in.

"If there's equipment with sensitive information, then that equipment winds up in a secure area, and we've usually discussed ahead of time with our customers what they want done."

Hard drives and other sensitive information are destroyed on site.  Items like batteries and light bulbs are handled in a small hazardous waste area.  Other non-hazardous material is dismantled on site.

"We break the computer down to it's carcas, it's heat synch, board, processor, ram, fan, power supply, any other wiring that may be inside the unit; it's all broken down, it's put in separate containers, then that becomes a commodity for sale, and then we look for the best market for that commodity and sell it here in the United States."

Keeping electronic waste from landfills is crucial to maintaining a sustainable society, so if you have old electronics that are not being used, make sure you dispose properly.

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