Riverview Nursery - Locally Made Monday

Riverview Nursery - Locally Made Monday

One area nursery is taking 'natural' to the extreme.<br><br>WFFT's Andrew Logsdon shows us how in this week's 'Locally Made Monday.'
One area nursery is taking 'natural' to the extreme.

WFFT's Andrew Logsdon shows us how in this week's 'Locally Made Monday.'

Imagine filling your yard entirely with plants that are native to our region.

The woman behind the Riverview Nursery says it might be one of the most 'natural' things you can do.

Martha Bishop Ferguson has a different take on local landscaping- through her business, Riverview Nursery.

"I sell native plants. Not only are they native to Indiana, they're local genotypes- and that means that they are genetically-adapted for our soil, for our climate, for our sun, and our bloom," Ferguson says.

The nursery is just one year old- and it has a specific focus--
Plants that grow right here.

"which also means the birds and butterflies will be attracted to them, and it provides habitat and food and nectar for them," Ferguson.

She's worked with others, collecting wild seeds from undisturbed areas- to provide the most pure genetic strain of local plants possible.

Ferguson says it matters where you buy local plants.

"If they sell you a purple coneflower, it is native to Indiana. It is native to northeast Indiana. But that purple coneflower could have come from seed from Minnesota, or Tennessee- who have significantly different climactic conditions," Ferguson says.

Which she says impacts our local environment.

"Once it's established, it doesn't require additional care. It doesn't require fertilizer, it doesn't require watering, because it's adapted to our soils and to our rainfall," Ferguson says.

The Riverview Nursery doesn't have a physical store--
You can only find Ferguson and her plants at local events and farmers markets.

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