Start Something Big - Shawn

Published 12/02 2013 04:39PM

Updated 12/02 2013 10:54PM

Meet nine year old Shawn.  Like most guys, he likes sports, fast food, and video games.  He hopes before long, he's able to share his interests with a Big Brother.

"I get to meet him... tell him what I like and what I don't like, and then like, ask each other questions and stuff, what you like to do about your life."

Shawn explains, he basically just wants someone he can share with. Shawn likes the same things most guys like, but he especially likes sports.  He plays basketball and football and in the future he wants to wrestle.

"When people like try to hurt me and stuff I can just... I could just use my moves on them."

Shawn has never been to a MadAntz game, a Komets game, or a TinCaps game, but he hopes maybe he and a Big could go together.

"Go to different hockey and basketball and football games."

He's also heard that WWE comes to the Coliseum sometimes and would love to go. Shawn also enjoys school, playing outside, reading, television, and watching funny videos on the computer. And, he's got a few jokes of his own.

To learn more about becoming a Big to Shawn, call Big Brothers Big Sisters at 456-1600.

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