Start Something Big - Omar

Published 03/14 2014 11:17AM

Updated 03/18 2014 02:53PM

Eight year old Omar came into the WFFT studio for a tour and to talk about why he wants a Big Brother.

Part of the reason he'd like a Big is because, "... my brothers don't like spending time with me."

He has four older siblings, but being the baby of his family often leaves him feeling left out.  Omar said when he's at home, he spends a lot of time by himself.  He likes music and has a drum set he practices on.  He also spends time watching T.V. and playing games.

"I like playing on the computer and playing on the IPod," he said.

At school, Omar likes reading, writing, and especially likes art class.

"I like making stuff out of clay."

He hopes a Big Brother shares his interests.

"Sometimes we could do art.  [We could] go bowling and to the movies."

Sports are another big part of Omar's life.  He likes soccer, football, and basketball, and likes going to watch games.  Math is Omar's least favorite class and he hopes a Big could give him a hand.

"Help with my homework.  My brothers and sister don't help me.  I don't like subtraction, so he could help me."

To find out more about how to become a Big Brother to Omar, or to learn more about volunteering in general, call Big Brothers Big Sisters at 456-1600.

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