Start Something Big - Kaiden

Published 01/03 2014 11:25AM

Updated 01/03 2014 04:41PM

"I don't actually have any brothers around me, and so I thought it would be nice to have one."

Kaiden is an only child and it's just him and his mom at home.

"I just love my mom so much."

But having a Big would mean a lot to Kaiden.

"I would talk to him about my school work, after all, I think he would help me with my homework. I'm gonna tell him about how good I've been in school. I could even talk to him about sports."

Kaiden likes most sports, and he and I had fun playing basketball, trying out a few tricks, racing, and even had a good 'ol fashioned staring contest. I think just about anyone could have a great time with Kaiden; he has lots of interests.

"I play with my toys, play my X-Box, I'm practicing to ride a scooter, actually. I like to draw most of the time, to make my own imaginations. I like basketball because of the Pacers and IU."

Oh, and one thing Kaiden mentioned a few times...

"Minecraft is my favorite game."

To find out more about becoming a Big to Kaiden, call Big Brothers Big Sisters at 456-1600.

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