Start Something Big - Dreshawn

Published 10/25 2013 02:04PM

Updated 11/21 2013 07:52PM

Eleven year old DreShawn is a fantastic young man with goals and dreams.  He would like a Big Brother to help those goals and dreams become reality.

"I really want to learn, because I don't want to get to F's or D's. That means I wouldn't be able to play sports. I want to stay focused and not get distracted."

DreShawn is in the 5th grade and knows next year will be his opportunity to play sports. He wants to try out for track, football, basketball, and soccer. He knows staying on top of school work is key, and a Big Brother could be a big help.

"Later on in the year we have to do projects, like, make gingerbread houses and stuff and I'm going to need help because I might not get it done," said DreShawn.

Also, DreShawn hopes he and Big could practice sports.

"They could help you, like, make you better and tell how you can get better."

DreShawn used to practice with his younger brother, but he moved to New York this past summer.

"I miss him a little bit because we would always go places like basketball or something. Now I just practice by myself."

Now, it's just DreShawn, his mom, and his siter, so there aren't any other males for him to hang out with.

"Really, all I do is go to the park, practice basketball and football, and then go home and do my homework."

Aside from sports, DreShawn also likes video games, watching scary movies, running, and occasionally bowling at Thunderbowl. He's never been to a Mad Antz game or a TinCaps game, but would love to go. To learn more about becoming a Big to DreShawn, call Big Brothers Big Sisters at 456-1600.

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