Start Something Big - Different Programs Available

Published 01/17 2014 10:17AM

Updated 01/17 2014 02:57PM

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Indiana has many ways for community members to get involved and give back.  Here is a look at the wide range of programs offered.

The most traditional program is Community Based Mentoring.  In this program, kids range in age from 7-14 and it only takes 3-4 hours a month to spend time hanging out with your match in the community, at your home, or doing positive things that the child may not get a chance to do.

The School Buddies Program is for kids in 1st through the 5th grade.  You come during their lunch period, spend 30-45 minutes with them once a week.  WFFT's Charlie De Mar participates in this program because it fits well into his often hectic schedule.

"I feel this is  manageable commitment that I can stay committed to, which it works for me, works for my schedule, so while it's not as involved as some of the other programs, it does allow me to give back."

Third, Real Men Read, which is a program that only men can volunteer for.  Men go once a month, for one hour, to a school and read to a classroom.

Fourth is College Success Mentors for kids 14 and up.  This is perfect for someone who is either looking to help someone get into college, or someone who is looking for a child that is a little older or maybe a little more mature.

Lastly is First Friends & First Mentors.  These programs are designed for kids who are still on the waiting list.  Special events are organized so the kids can have fun and get out of the house for awhile.

"We need people that can pick them up, drive them to the event, have fun at the event, and then take them home as well," says Eric Pulley of Big Brothers Big Sisters.

If you would like to be a part of any of these programs, just call Big Brothers Big Sisters at 456-1600.

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