Start Something Big - Christopher

Published 09/27 2013 01:48PM

Updated 11/21 2013 07:55PM

WFFT's Kristen Kirchhaine spent time with nine-year-old Christopher.  He's smart, funny, has a great smile, and hopes his time on the waiting list for a Big Brother is almost over. 

"It's really not about going somewhere, [it's about] spending time with your Big."

Christopher would like a Big Brother so he could have someone to share with and have fun with. This year Christopher is in the 4th grade and said he loves learning and loves school.

"Science is my best subject," he said.

Aside from science, Christopher likes playing and watching football, reading, skating, bowling, riding bikes, playing video games, camping, exercising, taking naps, and most of all having fun! He knows a Big would be a guy to have fun with but could help him on occasion too.

"I always need help with something, like something hard to build, or a hard work, or a game that I can't figure out."

Christopher has been waiting about two years for a Big. To learn more about mentoring, or becoming a Big to Christopher, call Big Brothers Big Sisters at 456-1600.

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