Start Something Big - Caleb

Published 11/08 2013 02:28PM

Updated 11/21 2013 07:10PM

Meet eight-year-old Caleb.  WFFT's Kristen Kirchhaine spent time with him at Crazy Pinz playing games and finding out why Caleb wants a Big Brother.

"I always wanted a big brother because my cousins have a big brother and my friends have big brothers and I'm the only one who doesn't."

It seems to Caleb like he is the only one without a big brother.  He has four sister and no brothers to hang out with.  He continues to wait and hope a Big Brother is in his near future.  He's got plenty of ideas about what they could do together.

"I would like to get ice cream and hang out with him, we could watch T.V. and play basketball or football. He could help me with hard multiplication. I would want to go to Crazy Pinz."

Caleb is in the 3rd grade this year and his favorite subjects are math and gym.  He also likes to run, play outside, ice skate, and build things with his hands.  If you would like to help fulfill Caleb's dream of having a Big Brother, call Big Brothers Big Sisters at 456-1600.

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