Start Something Big - Aidan

Published 08/23 2013 10:30AM

Updated 08/26 2013 08:15AM

Aidan and Kristen spent time together at the Parkview YMCA talking about the new school year and how Aidan hopes a future Big Brother could help him explore his many interests.

"I could do a lot more stuff," said Aidan.

Aidan knows a Big Brother could help him explore beyond his everyday world.  Being an only child raised by a single parent mother, Aidan has limited opportunities, but he'd like to try a little bit of everything.

"Archery, painting and drawing, play video games, I'm really good at singing and drawing and I'm interested in playing guitar."

Aidan also likes watching sports, swimming, bowling, and playing lazer tag, and he has great taste in movies.

"Favorite movie - Jurassic Park."

Aidan also hopes a Big could help him with homework and school projects and afterwards maybe go to Zesto's for his favorite ice cream, the cookie dough razzle.

To find out more about becoming a Big Brother to Aidan call Big Brothers Big Sister at 260-456-1600. 

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