Start Something Big - Adrien

Published 11/22 2013 09:28AM

Updated 11/22 2013 03:37PM

In this week's Start Something Big segment, meet ten year old Adrien. WFFT Local spent time with him at Tokens-n-Tickets playing games...and talking about his wait for a Big Brother.

"They said it was going to be an easy match for me and a hard match for my sister... but I guess not," said Adrien.  His 14 year old sister has a Big. But he is still waiting. in his words, it's been..."a pretty long time."

Adrien has a few brothers, but they don't live together. He would love to have another guy to do activities with that he can't do with his sister. 

"First off is go to a scary movie." He also enjoys reading, writing, video and arcade games, legos, and building. He'd love an opportunity to go to Tech Venture, and Adrien is already planning for his future.

"Go to college and graduate and then I want to be a police officer. So I can help the world and put people in jail that are bad."

Adrien's goals and dreams have a higher chance for success with help from a Big Brother. To learn more about mentoring, call Big Brothers Big Sisters at 456-1600.

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